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If you want to learn about supply chain management and engineering, then these supply chain videos can be a great educational resource.

We’ve made it easy for you to find high quality supply chain videos on important topics like logistics, operations, and procurement. We’ve also included videos about supply chain certifications, quality management, and supplier development and diversity.

And, if you’re planning your career or looking for a new job, make sure you check out the course “Careers in Supply Chain and Operations.”

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Supply Chain Careers

This course can help you understand the roles, skills, and networking opportunities available, so you can get a job and prepare for a future in this lucrative and diverse field. Instructor Daniel Stanton reviews positions in inventory management, transportation, material handling, sourcing, purchasing, manufacturing, engineering, IT, robotics, HR, and more. He helps you set your career goals and build your skills, one tutorial at a time.

Supply Chain Certifications

There are dozens of certifications for supply chain professionals. So which one is best for you? This course offers an agnostic approach to leading certifications in the supply chain, logistics, procurement, and operations job roles. Daniel Stanton walks through each credential, from APICS to ISM and from CSCMP to SCMA, covering the prerequisites, benefits, and objectives of each program.

Become a Supply Chain Manager

There has never been a better time to explore a career as a supply chain manager. Supply chains are the global systems that connect and integrate procurement, operations, implementation, logistics, and more. Build the solid foundation you need to hit the ground running as a new supply chain manager.

Advance Your Skills as a Supply Chain Manager

Become a more confident supply chain manager. Learn critical skills to manage global supply chains effectively and efficiently. After completing this learning path, you’ll advance your skills in project management, process improvement, quality management, supply chain analysis, leadership, and more.

Fundamentals of Sustainable Supply Chains

Sustainability is a major concern across all realms of commerce these days. And as it turns out, the majority of greenhouse gas emissions are found in the supply chain: Product sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and delivery have a huge impact on air, soil, and water. So when it comes to sustainability, it’s largely the responsibility of supply chain professionals to identify areas of impact where small changes can make a big difference. In this course, Sarah Barnes-Humphrey shares case studies, real world examples, and lessons from her 20 years of experience to give you practical advice on what you need to do to start building an effective and measurable sustainability plan that your whole business buys into. As Sarah shows, a thorough sustainability program won’t only have a positive environmental impact, it also touches on areas like human rights, ethical labor practices, and anti-corruption. Plus, it can reduce costs, create efficiency, mitigate risk, and increase brand value.

Featuring Sarah Barnes-Humphrey

Building Resilient Supply Chains for Effective Risk Management

Supply chain resilience is an incredibly important factor for every company. It can reduce risks to shareholder value and provide companies with a competitive advantage. In this course, professor Richard Wilding shows how you can build supply chain resilience by learning about the external sources of risk and disruption, the internal risks, and the relationship between the elements of the complexity triangle, which create uncertainty. He also explains how to build a supply chain strategy, and build products and services that promote a resilient supply chain, and how agility and flexibility can help you respond to risks and minimize disruptions. Other important topics covered include relationships, culture, transparency, and risk monitoring. In the latter half of the course, Richard takes a look at international risk management standards; how to identify, analyze, and evaluate risks; and how to monitor and review risks.

Featuring Dr. Richard Wilding, OBE.


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